I wonder what they’re thinking about

I love strolling down the street and seeing a person walking alone, smiling. Not on a cell phone, not listening to a message, not hooked up to headphones, just walking. And smiling. I saw THREE people in a row on the street today in Philadelphia all smiling.  I wondered, what are they thinking about?  Remembering a joke? Heading to meet a loved one? However much I wanted to know, I think it would have been rude to interrupt.

A Must Read

My friend Loren (what up, girl!) shared this article with me today and it seriously made my day. The New York Times has a weekly series called Modern Love and it’s definitely worth a read. This particular piece, “The Boundaries of a Breakup,” made me laugh out loud so many times that I disturbed the writing conferences that were going on around me. Sorry, colleagues!

On a side note, can I just say how upset I am about LOL? Those letters have basically stolen the whole phrase from me!

Anyway, read “The Boundaries of a Breakup.” It’s clever and smart and just wonderful.