My last post was in March, nearly four months ago. And holy moly, has so much happened.

Goodbye, old house!
Goodbye, old house!

1. We put our house on the market.

2. The day after our first open house, we accepted an offer.

3. The day after that, I realized I was pregnant (!!!!!!!).

4. Having no success finding a house right away, we decided to put most of our belongings in storage and move in with my very generous parents.

5. We went into contract on a new house, and are busy planning renovations, finding a new school for Nolan, and growing this big old baby in my belly. Seriously, my belly is double the size it was at this time in my pregnancy with Nolan.

Moving back in with your parents when you’re 32 and bringing your husband, toddler, fetus, and dog, might sound like a recipe for disaster, but so far it hasn’t been. We’re approaching the one-month mark since we moved in and the biggest issue we’ve had is the dogs. They play too roughly, my parents’ dog steals my dog’s food, my dog barks to get in and out of the crate where his food is kept, etc.

Staying with my parents has not only been a lifesaver in ensuring we didn’t have to settle on a house we didn’t really want to buy, but it’s also been a huge money saver, which leads me to YOLONOMO. I reclaimed the incredibly annoying acronym for you only live once, and made it fit my temporary freeloading lifestyle. YOLONOMO is you only live once with no mortgage. Now don’t worry, we aren’t really spending up a storm, but when I treated myself to iced coffee pretty much every day of Regents week at school? YOLONOMO! I have to cram this pregnant belly into a bathing suit and the only ones that fit well are overpriced? YOLONOMO!

So come on, 30-somethings! Sell your homes! Move in with your parents! YOLONOMO!


One thought on “#YOLONOMO

  1. I just reread this blog entry as I was clearing out old emails, and I love YOLONOMO! I bet now that you’re in the midst of a kitchen remodel, you miss having no mortgage!!!

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