Rewind, Fast Forward, Play

Rewind ten weeks: My last post was about my New Year’s Eve menu – yikes!

Fast forward four weeks: I go back to work after nine months of being home with Nolan.

Rewind three weeks: I spend most of January throwing a pity party for myself about my impending return to work.

Fast forward four weeks: Nolan starts crawling (for real, no more belly scooting), gets his first tooth and Matt takes this picture to mark Nolan’s nine month milestone.

Fast forward four weeks: I am back at work long enough to feel like I never left, but not so long that I forget what it was like being home. I painfully miss our routine. I simultaneously envy our babysitter for being home with Nolan all day, and pity her for being home with Nolan all day because it’s harder than ever now that he is on the move.

Play: Today is Nolan’s first haircut. Disaster! We bring him to the barber that Matt uses and everything is fine until the barber puts that smock around his neck. There is no recovering after that. The next ten minutes are a blur of crying (real tears and snot!) as a helpless Russian man waves filthy toys in front of Nolan’s face to distract him. The one he is really pushing is an outdated electronic toy that not only has hair encrusted all over it, but also dirt so old it might have come from the mother country.

I promise to be better about posting from now on. It’s my St. Patrick’s Day resolution.

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