Grandma Chic

I’ve worn glasses for the past fourteen years (when did that happen??). I started out just wearing them to see the chalkboard in high school, then for movies, then for driving, then the computer screen, and so on and so on. A few years ago I got lazy and pretty much stopped wearing them unless I was driving.  At some point last year I realized that I was magnifying my computer screen to embarassing proportions and that I couldn’t identify who was waving at me from down the hall until he or she was right in front of me. Pregnancy made these problems worse (who knew that pregnancy can affect your vision?) and when I went to the eye doctor a few months ago, he confirmed that my vision was a lot worse than it was just a year ago.

I like my glasses, that’s not the problem, I just hate taking them on and off all day. I have the bad habit of pushing them to the top of my head but that stretches out the frames and pulls my hair. That’s where the glasses chain comes in! So far, everyone I have mentioned this to has balked and called me a grandma, but I think there are some cute options out there.

Like this one I found on Etsy:

This one, also being sold on Etsy, has a delicate jewelry-like feel:

Are there cute options that you’ve seen? I think they’re grandma-chic! Consider all the other grandmotherly accessories we embrace: cardigans, brooches and pins, tissues up your sleeve … oh wait, that’s just me.

Keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous glasses chain and let me know what you find!

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