Baxter Takes a Stroll

This summer has been so steamy and stifling that we haven’t taken Nolan on nearly as many walks as I would have liked. Last night, determined to get my butt moving, I gathered up the crew and headed outside. We try to take Baxter with us as often as possible since he needs the exercise as much as I do and he’s been feeling very neglected since Nolan’s arrival. Baxter, while sweet, isn’t the brightest bulb and while walking he often makes a beeline for the moving wheels of the stroller. He also wants desperately to be  our “pack leader” and I’ve watched too much Cesar Milan to let that happen. Matt has to constantly steer Baxter away from the stroller and pull him to the back of the pack.

About halfway into our walk I hear Matt call out, “I think Baxter’s done!” I turn around to see Baxter looking weary and exhausted … and then the gagging starts. He spewed on the sidewalk. Kick-ass stroller to the rescue!


Although definitely not what the storage area is designed for, it made the perfect home for a dog about to pass out from heat stroke. Look how happy he is! The UPPAbaby is now the UPPApuppy.

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