What’s in a name?

Many people have asked us where we came up with the name Nolan and I’m sorry to say I don’t have an entertaining story. I had a student a few years ago with the name and I liked it. I think we came across it in a baby name book and it slowly worked its way up our maybe list to our #1 spot.

What HAS been entertaining are the names people have THOUGHT we named him.

Matt called his 95-year old grandmother in Florida a few hours after Nolan was born and when he tried to deliver the happy news, it went like this:

“His name is Nolan!”



“I can’t hear you!”


“Oh!!” (finally relieved she heard him) “Myron! Wonderful!”

Finally, Matt spelled it and all was cleared up.

A few days later, my dad’s job kindly sent us a basket with fruit and snacks and I was simultaneously amused and horrified when I read the card congratulating us on the birth of our son Norton. Norton??

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