A Week of Motherhood

In case you missed it, Nolan Thomas arrived on Friday, April 29 and it has been quite a week! As things settle down and we establish a routine (ha!) I’ll have more time to update, but for now, here are some things I’ve learned during my first week of motherhood.

– Baby farts are always funny, even at 3 in the morning – Nolan’s gas could be recorded and used for movie sound effects, they are that ridiculous sounding. There’s nothing like a good toot during a midnight changing to dispel our crankiness.

– Maternity jeans feel amazing when you’re not pregnant – The thought of going back to zippers and buttons makes me cringe. Why do we do this to ourselves when elastic waistbands exist??

People like me need an app to effectively record dirty diapers, breast-feeding and pumping– I’m a little embarrassed to admit that one but it’s the truth. I downloaded Baby Connect for $4.99 (the most I’ve ever paid for an app) and now that I’ve used it for a week, I would have paid $50. I didn’t know I wanted to make bar graphs of Nolan’s  bowel movements and wet diapers until I could! Seriously, it has been invaluable for timing breast-feeding and keeping track of pumping. I thought I could remember things like, “Ok, I started this feeding at 1:15.” I thought wrong. Thanks, Baby Connect!

Before you try out for The Biggest Loser, have a baby and start breast-feeding – It’s burning up calories like nobody’s business and I’m still so physically traumatized from labor and delivery that my appetite is not back to normal yet.

– You have no idea what you’re in for until you’re in it – So far nothing has happened that people didn’t warn me about, but it’s different when you’re living it. The interrupted sleep, the non-stop feeding, the diapers, the panic, the love, the wonder, the awe – nothing that is a surprise, yet I still feel like I’m being dangled upside down and told to go about my business as usual. It’s hard work, but it’s great.

And now on to a few pictures!!

Snuggled in his bassinet

Passed out after eating

Making a cute face

Me and Nolan 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Week of Motherhood

  1. So glad to hear everything is going so well! Congrats again and glad to hear motherhood is doing you right.

  2. Ohhh my goodness! Love, love, love the pictures! That app sounds awesome, I remember trying to keep a notebook of what time I fed and which side, it was such a mess!

  3. O.M. frickin G. this is an amazing post, and nolan is just perfect! everything you said is all so true… really. if you ever need any mom-related organizational tools, i’ve tried them all! you know me – a little loony and all… anyway, thinking of you today. hooray for you, mama!!!

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