Eight Month Update

Last month I said I didn’t think I could get any bigger. I was wrong! On a semi-regular basis people tell me I am not going to make it to my May 9th due date. I’m pretty sure that means I’ll be giving birth in a week or by the end of June.

Pregnancy Awesomeness:

– still barely shaving my legs

– people smile at me and hold doors open more often than they did before

– I get to take my baby everywhere I go but I don’t yet have to change diapers, feed him, etc.

– strangers readily see that I am pregnant and don’t assume I’m just emotionally eating (which I also do)

– food is delicious

Pregnancy Awfulness:

– I have bursitis (inflammation of a joint) in my hip and have not slept more than a few hours each night for the last three weeks

– My stomach is a distraction to my students, particularly the ones in the front row who occasionally see it move. Needless to say it’s been awkward for all involved parties.

– Strangers sometimes stare at me in horror with the, “You’re a teen mom who probably got pregnant after watching that MTV show and now my tax money is paying for your prenatal care” look. I feel like saying to them, “I’m not a teen mom, and even if I was, the last thing I would need is that judgmental look coming from your ugly face.” So there.

– I’m hungry. All the time.

My mom and I spent the day together yesterday and before she left my house she asked to take a few pictures. What ensued was an awkward, contentious, and hilarious “photo shoot.” The conversation basically went like this:

“Ok, tell me when to smile.”

“Don’t smile!”

“Then what should I do?”

“Don’t look at the camera.”

“Where should I look?”

“I don’t know, at the dog, out the window.”

“Ok but what do I do with my face??”

“Just don’t pose! Oh, these are awful pictures. Stop talking so much!”

“Just let me smile!”

“No! Your smile is too damn big.”

“You paid for my braces!”

You get the point. Here are a few:

As you can see Baxter is trying his hardest to adapt to my shrinking lap. I spend most nights relaxing in my new glider (thanks, Mom and Dad!) which we set up in the living room for now. He struggles a bit to get settled but is making do with the space that’s left.

6 thoughts on “Eight Month Update

  1. Oh my goodness where did the time go? I can’t believe you’re already at 8 months, I hope I look that cute when I’m pregnant…

  2. Jenny, sorry I missed all your prior live posts (but just caught up!) Hysterical, insightful, witty and lively! Thanks for the fun posts (and book reading, since restaurant recommendations I will unlikely partaking in!) xo D.

  3. With my most recent pregnancy (my 3rd, my first girl) I was so hormonal and I gained way more weight then with my first two…probably because I was so tired, I kept thinking, I must need to eat more! That’ll give me energy!
    At any rate, I was in tears about 6 weeks before my due date when I had to take my son to the doctor’s on a weekend because he had a high fever and a rash (see what you have to look forward to?? lol) I had to go to the hospital to get his strep test results and some woman in the waiting room was SO rude to me—she kept shaking her head and saying “dang! you so big! you sure you not due for 6 more weeks?” then later, “maybe it’s twins! Is it twins? Maybe it is and they wrong!” I cried all the way home and sobbed when I got back, locked in my bathroom. Totally unlike me. My hubby was baffled! lol
    Are you having a boy or a girl?? πŸ™‚ I think the extra estrogen from having a girl was what made me flip my lid! lol πŸ™‚

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