Barreling into 28 Weeks, Stomach First

I know I’m going to look back and laugh at myself, but at this point I think, “How could I possibly get any bigger??”

Now strangers are noticing and approach me with a smile saying, “When are you due?” As of yet I haven’t had the balls to say, “I’m not pregnant!!!”

Progress is happening in the nursery, slowly but surely. We bought bamboo shades at Lowe’s ($17 per window!). They look pretty close to these:


We haven’t put them up yet but they look nice lying on the floor. I ordered a rug from last Sunday and it was delivered two days later! Ok, so it was delivered to the abandoned house next door, but it was delivered somewhere just two days later.


The crib and changing table will be delivered next week and we’ll try our best to put them together without calling either of our dads in a panic.

Weird pregnancy stuff:

– my leg hair has almost entirely stopped growing (awesome!)

– my ribs feel like they are being ripped open and when I sit down I get the sensation that someone is jabbing his thumb into my back (not awesome)

– my hair has become non-oily enough that I can actually shower before bed and not have to wash my hair by 10 am (awesome!)

– Baxter still has no idea I’m pregnant.  Even when he lays in my lap and gets kicked by the baby, he seems to pay no attention. He’s in for a rude awakening…

– being pregnant is a great reason to get massages. I’m looking forward to one at Nordstrom next week!

5 thoughts on “Barreling into 28 Weeks, Stomach First

  1. Hi there,

    I know you from She Writes.

    Congratulations on that adorable tummy!

    Hey, I would like to send you a book to be reviewed on your blog – it’s got humorous essays about motherhood. If you’d like to know more, would you pop me a note?

  2. That rug is absolutely marvelous – definitely loving the pattern and color combination.

    Good luck getting the crib and the changing table together – I know that trying to build a TV stand (like five pieces from Target) almost destroyed me.

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