Nursery Snippets

While ideas for the nursery had been floating around my mind since I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t allow myself to do too much thinking until we found out the baby’s sex. Which is weird, actually, because pretty much everything I like and pick out is very gender neutral. I want something that’s classy, pretty, not too childish, but not too cold.

At the start of the summer, we had a painter come in to do some, you guessed it, painting. We chose a very pale green for the nursery. So pale that it’s actually from the Benjamin Moore Whites Collection.  I think I’d be happy if every room in our house was painted this color. It’s just light and bright and pleasant.

There are two standard windows in the room, and as has been the case with EVERY room in the house, one is above the radiator. That eliminates the possibility of just doing drapes so I’ve been deciding between roman shades, wood blinds, woven wood blinds, blah blah blah. I think we’ve settled on woven wood shades (like the ones below) with drapes hung over them. The drapes around the radiator just can’t be closed all the way. Ever.

Image: Calico Corners

We ordered the crib and changing table a few months ago when Giggle was having a sale – Mama likes to save her some money!


It’s WAY nicer in person with some bedding in it.  Like unspeakably nicer. The changing table is not the one that coordinates with the crib but it’s better for two important reasons. One, it has open shelves instead of drawers. Two, it was half the price.


Dwell Studio makes fun, modern bedding for kids and adults and they recently came out with a few new patterns that aren’t quite as bold as previous designs. I chose a few pieces from the mix and match collection. The patterns combine gray, white, brown, and pale blue.

This is the main pattern:


Here is what it looks like all combined (not a great image, but the best I could find):


For Christmas, my parents bought and framed four prints from the photographer Sharon Montrose‘s online shop. She takes beautiful, interesting pictures of animals and we’re excited to hang them! Here are a few images from her website:


That’s the progress for now! Lots of happenings in my brain, not too much in the actual room just yet …

One thought on “Nursery Snippets

  1. I totally just checked out her site and am in love with those cute images….someday (in like 2 years) I’ll be buying my own 🙂

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