Baby on the Brain Websites

Being pregnant has given me a whole new world of ways to procrastinate. The prospect of meeting the little peanut in May is on my mind ALL THE TIME. While I still spend plenty of time checking out my favorite blogs each day (see here, here and another installment on the way), I also spend too many hours here:

1. Giggle – it’s basically buybuyBaby but smaller and awesomer (probably should be a word).

2. The Bump – a little lame but I can’t stay away. I do avoid reading or participating in the message boards because most of the time I wind up rolling my eyes and saying rude things to my computer screen.Women post messages like, “I’m 20 weeks and I’ve gained 10 pounds, do you think this is ok????”  What kind of answer is a person like that really looking for? I have no idea if you should have gained 10 pounds or not. Were you obese? Were you underweight? How tall are you? Better yet, GO ASK YOUR DOCTOR.

3. Babble – a cool site about pregnancy and parenting. Its tag line is “For a new generation of parents.” I really like the content, but I find the layout a little overwhelming and awkward.

4. Alpha Mom – another site geared toward hip, young parents. Good stuff.

These don’t even include the sites I look at for nursery ideas…


2 thoughts on “Baby on the Brain Websites

  1. Babycenter is another good time waster. If you don’t already get one, you can sign up with them to send you a weekly email on what your fetus is up to each week. After baby G gets here, you can waste your 7 seconds of free time a day on kellymom and asksrsears.

  2. If you want a super crunchy and sometimes scary site, is very interesting. Very good for cloth diapering, scary for vaccinating.

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