Scrabble, the New Ouija Board

Yesterday Matt and I found out that we’re expecting a baby boy. It didn’t come as a surprise though, because Scrabble told me on Sunday.

On Sunday night, we decided to let loose and play Scrabble. (Fun fact: Matt wins every time. Maybe I’m teaching the wrong subject?) I grabbed a handful of letters to start off and the first letter I flipped over onto my letter rack was a B. Because this baby is ALL I THINK ABOUT, my first thought was, Hmmm…maybe it’s a B for a boy! Well my next letter was an O, and my third letter was a Y. No kidding!!

Here are some images from the sonogram yesterday:

Wearing the umbilical cord as a moustache

The “it’s definitely a boy” shot

One thought on “Scrabble, the New Ouija Board

  1. So excited for you!

    Sam always beats me at scrabble too, which is infuriating because he wins at everything. I just tell myself it’s because he’s better at strategy than me.

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