5 Months

Aaaaaaaand cue the self-indulgent, obligatory belly shot.

We’re headed to the doctor on Monday for the big sonogram to make sure the baby has organs and stuff. Oh, and to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl! I’ve been feelings lots of kicking since last week and it’s amazing to realize how much the baby moves around within me. One minute it’s all the way on the left, and then it’s kicking way down on the right a few moments later. I like to imagine it floating around in there doing jazz hands to the Christmas music I’ve had pumping in my car since Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Christmas, it was wonderful this year.  I got my shopping done early, spent time with family, surprised Matt with a nice, big television, and lovingly cleaned up Baxter’s puke off the couch this morning while the Yule Log played on TV. Does it get any better?

I’ll be posting a fruit-topped cheesecake bar recipe tomorrow and hopefully by Monday night, I can stop calling the baby IT!

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