Where’s Your Bra?

Sorry for my lengthy absence. I forgot that teaching is, like, a lot of work? And … I’m going to start ending all my sentences by lifting my voice in a question? Because that’s what the kids do?

Taylor Mali did a bit about this trend in speech a few years ago. Good stuff:

Speaking of how kids say the darndest things…

A few weeks ago my co-teacher was absent and a student inquired about it in a pretty strange way. The conversation went like this:

Student: Yo, Ms. Post, looks like you’re braless today.

Me:          I’m sorry, what??

Student:  You’re braless today.

Me:          Are you seriously saying what I think you’re saying?

Student (looking a little scared and genuinely confused): Um, I don’t know. I just said you’re braless today because Mrs. C  isn’t here.

Further confusion ensues…

As it turns out, saying I was braless was saying that my “bra,” or friend, was not there. I think he learned an important lesson after I explained that calling a woman braless was probably not the best idea.

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