Mill Pond House

A favorite summer spot for me and Matt is Mill Pond House in Centerport. It’s located right on 25A and has a wonderful, inexpensive price fixe menu for lunch and dinner. A 3-course lunch is only $21.95 and you have a lot of choices. It’s not like one of those you-can-only-choose-from-these-two-disgusting-leftovers price fixes.

Although we’ve been there a half dozen times, we’ve never actually eaten IN the restaurant. It has a lovely deck on the back that overlooks the water so we always opt to eat there.


This image doesn’t show their new awning – no more blinding sun!


The tables are pretty close together outside so it’s easy to people listen (eavesdrop). On a recent trip I heard a 50-ish year old man speaking to his 6-year old son.  I got the sense right away that this dad doesn’t spend a lot of time with his kid.  He seemed awkward and uncomfortable, and I guessed that he was divorced and only saw his son occasionally.  (It’s amazing the stories I make up in my head.) They were waiting for his friends to arrive and we concluded that he was buying drugs or was involved in human trafficking. (There are those stories again. . . ) The father ordered a drink way too stiff for anyone responsible for a young child, and proceeded to say half a dozen inappropriate things.  My favorites:

#1 – As his son happily sips a glass a water, the dad yells, “Don’t fill up on water, I ordered you a Coke!”

#2 – Son: Daddy, do your friends have kids?

Dad: No, son.  My friend’s wife couldn’t have children.


2 thoughts on “Mill Pond House

  1. “The tables are pretty close together outside so it’s easy to people listen (eavesdrop). ”

    This reminds me of an episode like 10 years ago at Three Villages Inn that I oddly remember – two men in suits at an adjacent table talking about smuggling rubies (or is it rupees?…whatever – more than one ruby) during Sunday brunch….ANOTHER MIMOSA PLEASE!

    You like your food, have you ever thought about adding Yelp to your blogging repertoire? Here’s mine 🙂

    1. Ok, now I’m hooked. I don’t think I’ll be grading essays this year because I’ll be adding reviews to Yelp…

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