Shoe Thoughts

I bought a few skirts today that are kind of short but meant to be worn with tights. What do you think about these shoes with them? Would these look cute with tights or am I hitting the crack pipe too hard? They also come in black but I don’t know if I would like black tights with black shoes.

There are also these:

And these:

I saved the best ones for last. These are the ones I really want but they’re $350!!!!!! Not in my budget – thanks for nothing, Marc Jacobs!

3 thoughts on “Shoe Thoughts

  1. If you posted a photo of you in the skirt and tights, I’d be able to tell is the shoes work. Otherwise, it is too hard for me to picture how it would look.

  2. I absolutely think that the tights would work with the shoes and skirt. Can’t wait to see it! It’ll work.

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