We’re back! My whole family had a lovely week in Maine. My mom did a great job of choosing a house on the water with beautiful views and peace and quiet.

When I got home and uploaded the pictures to my computer I realized, Damn! There are no people in these shots! I’m pretty sure my mom’s camera has more people shots so hopefully I’ll borrow them and share a few on here.

The first picture has nothing to do with Maine and everything to do why being a teacher is difficult and hilarious.  We were driving behind a car towing a small truck. The truck had been labelled to indicate, Hey! I’m being towed! So they wrote that on the back…

That’s T-O-E. Help me, Lord!

At the last minute we decided to bring Baxter and he survived the ride with NO vomit. He made himself at home pretty quickly. What can I say? The boy loves a view!

We went a little landscape crazy…

Food stories and recommendations soon!

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