Off to Maine!

Tomorrow morning at 6am we’re off to Bar Harbor! Or Baaaahh Haaahhbahhh as the locals say. Right? That’s not just a stereotype? We’ll see.

Last minute change of plans means we are taking Baxter – excited to not be away from him for a week but nervous he’ll vomit everywhere for the 9-hour trip. I picked up some drugs for him at the vet which I pray will knock him out, as well as keep him from yakking. Yacking? Yaking? I don’t know.

Annnnnnyway. We’ve been busy all day, shopping and packing, and now we’re settled in for an early night to bed. Oops! I guess Matt forgot we’re getting up at 5 so that’s why he’s over at a friend’s house playing cards. He’s definitely not sick of me. Nope. Not preparing himself for a full seven days with me AND my family. Mother, two aunts, grandma, cousin, and an uncle.  If you get any desperate or cryptic text message from him in the next week that say things like, HELP! or, RESCUE ME, you can just ignore them because he’s only kidding.

This is where we’re staying.

Can’t wait!!

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