Far Away at Corey Creek

While Matt and I love the vineyards, we practically never go past Peconic. (PS – go to Peconic!) There are so many to choose from, it seemed like, why bother? Since we were staying all the way out in Greenport, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to try some new places. Much like what we found in California, we realized that many tasting rooms close pretty early, often around 5:00. Bummer!  Renata, the lovely hostess of Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast, recommended Corey Creek and told us about their Moonlight Mondays and Twilight Tuesdays. Corey Creek is actually an offshoot of Bedell Cellars, which also looks beautiful.

We visited there on Monday night and were so wowed. The views are unbelievable. The vineyards look gorgeous and lush at this time of year, and there are beautiful woods behind them. You can do a traditional tasting flight, order wine by the glass, or be total lushes (like us) and buy a whole bottle to share on the deck. They now have live music on both Monday and Tuesday nights.

This was a tasty white blend and only $12!

Lucky for us, Mark Twain was there. Amazing, right?  Matt pointed out that this guy really looked like a cross between Mark Twain and the grandfather in Road Trip.

Get out of my picture, Mark Twain!

Don’t even get me started about the humidity and my hair. On this day it was much like a bathroom after you’ve taken a 20 minute shower (because you haven’t shaved your legs in a while) with the door closed and no exhaust fan.

Southold may seem far away, because, let’s face it, it is. BUT, an hour and twenty minutes isn’t really that bad when you consider that sometimes it takes an hour to get to Brooklyn and Brooklyn sure as hell doesn’t look like that.

So, guess where we went on Tuesday night before dinner? Twilight Tuesday!

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