My Bloves – Blogs I love

In case you were a little fuzzy, a blog is a web log, an online journal that’s open to the public. It’s what you’re reading right now. Or, if you believe the lady I sat behind in Eddie’s Pizza, ‘They have dese THINGS, theyah cawled BLAWGS, it’s wheya people tawk about theya theereez about shows afta they end, like Lawst.” In English, “They have these THINGS, they’re called BLOGS, it’s where people talk about their theories about shows after they end, like Lost.”

My winding down ritual after work involves putting on sweats (most of mine are leftovers from high school and college but these look really comfy), eating cookies and milk, snuggling with Baxter, and reading my bloves, the blogs I love. That seems like a good segue to show you some random pictures of Baxter snuggling.

Over the past few years my bookmarked folder of blogs has become unwieldy and the subjects run the gamut from cooking to gossip, design to families. Here are a few of my faves to get you started:

The Pioneer Woman: You can’t talk blogs without mentioning her. She’s a ranch wife/mom/cook/blogger and she writes about life on a cattle ranch, raising four kids, cooking, decorating, calf nuts (no joke), everything. She taught herself Photoshop and her photography is beautiful!

D-Listed: a gossip/celebrity blog with all the dirt. Sometimes crude but always funny. Half the time I just scroll through the pictures because I can’t get enough of Lindsay Lohan stumbling out of a bar or Mel Gibson looking bewildered.

Reagan’s Blob: I’ve come to this one semi-recently. The writer is a hairdresser who lives in New York and has great style and a sunny outlook. She and her husband have a three-year old with Cerebro Costo Mandibular Syndrome and it’s been really interesting/inspiring to read about their ups and downs.

So go! Read! Comment! Enjoy!

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