People Listening and a Great Restaurant

Have you been to Press 195? It’s a panini / wine / beer place in Park Slope and Bayside. Both locations have indoor and outdoor seating and are AMAZING. Get sandwich #2 (brie, turkey, roasted peppers, heaven). Lots of their other sandwiches are delicious as well. They have these fries that you choose dipping sauces for…wow. The red sangria is more yum than the white but they’re both very drinkable. PS Don’t judge the restaurant by its website. The site kind of stinks and the logo design totally doesn’t fit the restaurant’s vibe at all.

The same night we ate at Press, we went to the Mets game and watched them lose. The two guys sitting behind me were an entertaining distraction. They were probably about 25 and spent much of the final innings philosophizing about life and dating.

About fine cuisine…

“Yo, that had a rough aftertaste. Kinda like farts and campfire.”

About a young woman who walked past them…

“Eh, she’s nothing to write home about, but I’d do her.”

And after all that, the big  ending…

“I haven’t been in a relationship in a few years but it’s not like I care.”

BIG surprise there, buddy!!

I had to catch a glimpse at them as we were leaving, and they definitely were nothing to write home about.

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