Dom’s 30th Birthday (aka Romper Room of Massapequa Park)

Dom and Kim threw a wonderful party Saturday to celebrate Dom’s 30th birthday. It was a fun juxtaposition of “mid-life crisis beer pong” and children. Here are some of the highlights.

Look at that wrist roll. Delicious, Jules!

Reegan being shy (not for long).

I was a SERIOUS baby whore.

And I wasn’t the only one

Jules and her lovely mom, Debra

Laura with Revis, when he wasn’t being punished for eating people’s food and licking children.

Let the mid-life crisis beer pong begin!

Please note the 30-year olds playing beer pong while the college student sits back, looking bored and texting.

Aaaaand the cuteness keeps on coming.

Hello, ladies!

Jacob, the jolliest kid around

I was actually taking a picture of Reegan here but accidentally captured Shara and Amanda celebrating

Kim and Dom – don’t worry, the house isn’t on fire, that’s the smoke from his birthday candles

Laura, Kim and me

The red-eye was way beyond repair and I had to get all black and white on this one

Not sure what was going on here.

Uh oh

Really, self? Really??

The end of the night 🙂

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