Meaningful Mother’s Day

Many of us are sick of sending flowers and buying mani/pedi gift certificates to thank our moms for their love. How about doing something charitable instead? So many charities make it easy as pie to donate online and many will even send a card or message to your mom for you!

Women for Women International is an amazing program that pairs women in war-torn countries with sponsors who donate $27 each month to support them through their education. You can always make a one-time donation (like on behalf of your mom…today).

Image: Women for Women International

Oprah Leadership Academy Foundation – you may be reluctant to donate to something started by a woman so wealthy, but Oprah’s wealth works to your favor! Most (if not all) of your donation goes to the children’s education since Oprah takes care of all the administrative costs.

I also love that they have a registry so you can help provide items the girls need.

Image: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation

Oxfam not only gives direct relief of food and money to countries in need, but they also focus on empowering women and families to provide for themselves and their communities. You can buy cool things like a goat! Yes, a goat!

Unicef’s Tap Project is working to help children gain access to clean water. Because in 2010 children are still dying from starvation and dehydration. INSANITY.

One thought on “Meaningful Mother’s Day

  1. I’m totally with you on the Oxfam Goat thing. I love Heifer International because even though I’m sure the money all goes into a pool, I can print out a card that says, Hey Gram, I got some ducks for some people for you! Goofy, but fun 🙂

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