The bossy robot cashier

Ever since I watched Food Inc. a few months ago, I’ve been doing almost all my food shopping at Whole Foods. I know it’s more expensive but I feel like I’m doing good things for my health and it reminds me of Wegman’s (sigh).


Have you seen Food Inc yet? If not, rent it ASAP.

Anyway I was in a rush today so I grabbed some items at Stop & Shop instead. Being that there were only two lines open with actual cashiers I opted for self-checkout. Oy. I guess I’m used to shopping there with Matt (my professional grocery bagger) because I forgot how frustrating it is to scan and bag the items yourself.

I know it’s never going to be a perfect system, but I find it pretty contradictory that after scanning a few things the robot lady yells, “THE BAGGING AREA IS FULL. PLEASE BAG YOUR ITEMS BEFORE CONTINUING.” I scurry down to bag up some of my stuff and she starts barking, “IF YOU’RE FINISHED SCANNING, PLEASE SELECT FINISH AND PAY. IF YOU’RE FINISHED SCANNING, PLEASE SELECT FINISH AND PAY.” Make up your mind, bitch! Give me more than five seconds to bag my crap, ok?

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