I lived with the BEST four girls in college. While we are scattered all over the East Coast, we do our best to get together a few times a year and we write back and forth online as much as possible.

This is us as Liz’s baby shower for Lily in 2006. Isn’t that the cutest belly?

Here we are at my wedding in 2007.

We have no group pictures from this past reunion but I did take pictures of breakfast.

Tricia made this delicious baked French toast (a Paula Dean creation).

It was wonderful.

Tricia said that my post about the real ingredients in “pancake syrup” made her convert to real maple syrup.¬†One down, six billion to go!

I mostly took pictures of Sam and Liz’s girls, Lily and Katie. Hey, Gap Kids! These two would be perfect models for your brand!

Playing nicely together.

So photogenic!

Enjoying a banana before …

…feeding it to Nello. I know it looks like he is gagging here, but he is actually enjoying pieces of Katie’s banana. Nello was our cat in college and he is a notorious banana addict. It got to the point where Nello could be sleeping upstairs and if someone ripped open a banana down in the kitchen, he would wake up, tear downstairs and cry pitifully until you gave him a piece.

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