Today I’m home sick with a silly cold. Is it possible to get two different colds in a week? I think it is.

Friday is an ideal day to be home sick. Aside from the obvious three-day recuperation aspect, it is also the day to watch 30 Rock and Project Runway on TiVo. Even better, Netflix sent Julie and Julia yesterday. Joy! So many people have said to me, “You have to watch that movie! You’ll love it!” Well, you were all right. It is a perfect storm of Paris, my favorite actors, cooking, marriage, blogging, etc.

Because I was so inspired by the film, I made Bouef Bourguignon for dinner. Except I didn’t use Julia’s recipe, I used Ina’s. Ina Garten is for me, what Julia Child is for Julie Powell (the writer of Julie and Julia). Do you think if I just drive out to East Hampton and wander around a bit, I’ll stumble upon her house and then be invited inside, and then we’ll cook coq au vin together or make a pot roast or something?  Sounds like a plan, right?

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