Why the name?

Dozens of devoted readers (two or three people) have asked why I am a “reluctant” Long Islander. I figure Sunday nights (when I should be doing work) are perfect for me to set aside some time and point out why I am reluctant to live here. To be fair, I’ll also throw in why I’m reluctant to leave.

Reluctant to Live Here Reason #1

Photo: Thanks to Ed Hardy I Recognize Morons Right Away

It’s almost unfair to use this photo I found on Facebook as one reason but otherwise I’ll be here all night. Ed Hardy, fake tans, pursed lips, and pointing/peace signs. I don’t even know where to begin. My AARP tendencies keep me out of places where these “gentlemen” hang out, but on the rare occasion I spot a few, I cringe that we share an area code. The Daily Show’s feature, Long Island Wants to Secede really sums it up best.

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