Tasty Recommendation – Mumon

I accidentally had dinner at Mumon last week. Strange, right? I noticed a Japanese-ish place across from Grimaldi’s on Franklin Avenue in Garden City. I googled “new japanese franklin ave garden city” and came up with Mumon. It opened in 2009, has a great review in the Times, etc. Turns out it was NOT the restaurant I had seen, but it was damn good!

Image: Mumon's Facebook Page

The only problem facing Mumon is that it’s hard to find. The address is 1300 Franklin Avenue, but it is not visible from Franklin because it’s in the back of the new Healthplex/Winthrop building. Although the service was attentive, I appreciated that the waiter left us alone for most of our meal. I am not a fan of hovering servers.

My friend and I each ordered a martini (holy strong drink, Batman!) and two rolls. The sushi was a little expensive but very fresh, the rice had the perfect texture, and the tempura crunch was actually crunchy. The hostess said there are several happy hour specials and they are described on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

I ordered the King Crab roll and some other one with tuna that isn’t listed on the website’s menu. Yum and yum, respectively. The decor is pretty fabulous and the restaurant looks like it would be a great place for a party. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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