Keurig Catastrophe

2012 UPDATE: After four, yes four, machines, I have given up on my Keurig. Although the latest one worked for a few months, it also started short-cupping intermittently. In the latest machine, the “fix” for automatically shutting off is that rather than turn off, it says PRIME on the screen and that means you have to pick up and press down on the water reservoir. No thanks. I also found that the coffee was watery when I wanted a large cup.  I spent $25 on a French Press and haven’t looked back!

Remember that Keurig Santa Clauslieb gave me for Christmas? Well it’s been very bittersweet. Pros: I don’t have to clean up coffee grinds and wash five hundred moving parts of a coffee maker anymore. Cons: I’m on my second machine and it doesn’t work.

It all started when the machine started brewing teeny tiny teacup portions for my I’m-not-a-coffee-addict-because-I-only-drink-one-mug’s-worth 14 ounce mug. Then it started shutting off immediately after brewing a cup. Grrrrr! I called Keurig and they pretended they had never heard of a such a problem. Too bad when I Googled “My Keurig keeps shutting off,” I got about a thousand results of people with the same complaints.

Fast forward a week and I have a brand new machine Keurig sent me with instructions to send back the old one (at their expense). Three days later the machine doesn’t shut off after brewing a cup, it shuts off about twenty seconds after being turned on. In other words, it is completely useless and will not stay powered on.

As soon as you call the Keurig customer service number you’re greeted with, “We’re experiencing unusually high call volume and wait times. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Not to be a stickler about word choice, but if every time I call they’re “experiencing unusually high call volume” then it’s not really unusual, is it? Perhaps they should consider saying, “We’re experiencing a huge backlash for making faulty machines. We apologize for our incompetence.”


After speaking to a customer service rep who tried to put me through to Technical Support three times, it was determined that someone will call me back within 72 hours. Is this happening to anyone else??

12 thoughts on “Keurig Catastrophe

  1. YES! Its happening to me.

    It seems to me that the coffee maker worked FINE until I changed settings in the menu. At this point…the settings say AUTO OFF – OFF, ON TIME – OFF, OFF TIME – OFF.

    It used to be worse but at this point…as soon as a I make a cup of coffee…it shuts itself off. I just did this and turned it immediately back on. Once it was warmed up…it shut itself off again. I turned it back on again…and now it is still on.

    I honestly feel if I had not touched anything in the settings, the thing would stay on all the time.

    People saying how GREAT the instructions are…it says it recommends that you leave it on all the time…great…tell us the settings to leave it on all the time. Are they the ones that I currently have set since logic would say so.

    I still love this pain in the ass coffee maker….but would love it so much more if it would just STAY ON.

  2. Yes! I have the same problem. I got mine A month and a half ago and it has been replaced twice!! The third one shut down after using it once. The other two machines worked well for about a week before they shut down. A this point I want a refund.

  3. We have the same problem. We’re on our third machine and have just given up on trying to replace it. Is there any word from Keurig about when they might fix this problem?

    1. Although my third machine isn’t working properly, I have yet to call them about it because I’m afraid of getting a fourth faulty machine. I’m giving them a few more months to get their act together so I can get a machine that works properly!

  4. I got really lucky.. I received this Keurig as a gift a few months ago. In the beginning the novelty of it was great. I am the only person in my home drinking coffee so this machine was perfect for me. Within two months I put it away in my pantry because I couldn’t quite get use to the stronger tasting coffee due to the fact I drink it black. Then the weather started changing and I decided to give it another try. I brought it out and I’d turn it on and it turned off! I played with it for a fricken hour! I finally got smart and decided to google the problem. I found so many people with the same identical problem. I was not happy and thought now wha! No receipt and after reading everyones problems with calling Keurig I was ready to just toss the machine and call it a day. I tried one more time and took out water resourvior, replugged it in and this time I set the clock and size up etc and this time it stayed on longer and I could hear the water heating. I am now sipping a cup of coffee from my Keurig. Keep your fingers crossed it stays on and works atleast for a while. Bottom line is THEY DON’T MAKE APPLIANCES TO LAST LIKE THEY USE TOO!!!!!

  5. I love our Keurig …. BUT …. it shuts off after brewing … sometimes … what a pain the butt.

    I called Keurg / Green Mountain Coffee and … because I did not buy it from them all they do is take your name and info and say sorry …. call your vendor …

    I only know that when this $179.00 Ultimate dies … its back to my $20.00 Mr. Coffee and making 3 cups at a time …

    To bad we keep buying this expensive CRAP from China ….

    Oh Well that’s about it ..


  6. Am on my second machine, works fine for a3-6 mos and then after the routine recommended viniger descaling it will stop pumping, I have even been double filtering my H2O. I am going to have to contact them because once a gain their #2 machine did the same thing and when it does this you can’t empty the contents out of the Platium seares. I’ll be lucky if the replace it a gain. The first lasted threemos this one 6 mos bothe with routine cleaning. I guess I can make a flower pot out of the water container. HA Ha

  7. We also have one of these machines – it turns off all the time as soon as we make one cup of coffee – it didn’t do this in the beginning.

    My wifes office has a kureig and so does my office – both of them died within one year.

    Very expensive machine to just die after less than one year of service.

    I will not buy again.


  8. I received my machine for and anniversary gift in Sept 2010. Followed the instructions to the letter regarding setting the time, auto off and on.

    I begin to notice in December, it cutting off 2 hours early. I re entered the times and it worked for about a day.

    As per earlier suggestions I will call Customer Service.

  9. This problem is still ongoing. I got one for Christmas, and it worked well for about 3 months. Then, it started shutting off as soon as I’d turn it on. I googled the problem and found someone that said that tech support told them to unplug the machine for 30 secs and reseat the water tank. I did this, and the machine worked the very next time I turned it on. Unfortunately, I find that I have to do this about 70% of the time just to get it to work. And if I don’t, it only makes half a cup of coffee when I tell it to make the biggest cup. So I am going to call customer service to see if I can get a new one. It’s so sad cause I love love the whole concept of not cleaning grounds, and the coffee tastes great! But if I don’t get a new one soon, the old one is going to end up out the window! lol

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