Small Appliance Dreams Do Come True

It’s been a very happy Christmas here at the Post/Gottlieb household. My parents were very generous this year (as usual) and gave me what every young, hip, 27-year old wants… a new KitchenAid mixer!!!  They gave Matt the Nintendo Wii system, but strangely forgot to give us the year of marriage counseling we will need because of it. I have already thrown a tantrum because I can’t master Guitar Hero and Matt was overjoyed to figure out how to check the weather on the Wii (because turning on the weather channel is too easy?).

Santa Clauslieb (Santa’s Jewish cousin, aka my husband) gave me the supremo Platinum Keurig and it’s great! Not only does it brew coffee in about 30-seconds with no clean up, but it also has settings for iced coffee!

Merry Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “Small Appliance Dreams Do Come True

  1. 1)I love the new blog…
    2)I got the wii this year too…and ❤ it!
    3)I got a Keurg last year and loved it….but this one having an iced coffee setting might make me want it more… I'm jealous!
    4)Merry Chrismanukah and Happy New Year!

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