Foodie Gift Ideas

If you have a foodie or cook in your life who needs a holiday gift, here are some ideas for every budget.

Under $20 Gift:

A Microplane Rasp Grater is only $14.95 and is perfect for zesting citrus fruits, finely grating cheese and chasing your loved ones around the house (I’m just trying to keep your relationships exciting).

Under $50 Gift:

The Rosle Garlic Press is well worth its $39 price tag. This one kicks the Pampered Chef garlic press’s ASS.

Under $100

A Baker’s Basket – put these everyday, super-useful tools together for one kickass gift!

Tempered glass mixing bowls. $38 for ten, ’nuff said.

Shiny, dishwasher safe, and they make a cool clickity clack noise. All-Clad measuring spoons and cups. ($16-$39)

Parchment paper is invaluable when baking cookies. It prevents the cookies from sticking to the pan and makes clean up a breeze! Recently, there has been buzz about the dangers of using non-stick cookware. The chemicals that are released can cause health issues in pets and people. Stick with stainless steel, copper, enamel, cast-iron, etc. and throw some parchment paper on it instead.

You can’t get your food out of the oven without oven mitts. These are from Williams Sonoma and are available in a bunch of colors and patterns ($9-$12). They are machine washable and pretty durable. I accidentally set one of mine on fire and it’s still going strong! (Just so we’re clear, I don’t RECOMMEND setting your oven mitts on fire.)

Under $200 (someone’s been awfully good…)

Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart Dutch Oven – currently on sale at Williams Sonoma for $184. Smaller sized ovens are available for less. Stove top to oven to fridge to sink to … you get the picture. The enamel coating is a dream to clean it comes in a ton of lovely colors. The only downside is that they are really heavy, so they’re not great for the arthritic or scrawny.

The You-Did-Something-Wrong-and-Need-to-Buy-Back-Someone’s-Love Budget

Hello, handsome. This is the KitchenAid 90th Anniversary Stand Mixer, and it’s a beauty. This sucker is heavy ; it’s best for people who have the room on their counter to leave it there.

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