O Christmas Tree

In a moment of weakness, I let Matt convince me that we shouldn’t get a real tree this year. We have a 4-foot fake one from Target that is quite lovely, but one of the experiences I was looking forward to in our new house was finding a big, beautiful REAL tree to ring in the Christmas season. In his defense, he is totally right that getting a tree at this point is a bad idea.  It’s already December 6 (how did THAT happen?), we have electricians coming to do some major work in our living room this week, and we would have to get all the stuff that goes with a tree – the lights, more decorations, a tree stand, a bigger tree skirt … you get the picture.

To fill the void of having a big tree, I’ll just PINE over this picture-perfect one.

a traditional tree from Pottery Barn

Finally, a video I love about the process of getting, decorating, obsessing about, and disposing of the tree.

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