Another trip to the Twilight Zone

I used to think that test days were the easy days. Once your test is made, no lesson to prepare, no PowerPoint to organize, a light day overall. And then four years ago I started teaching ninth grade. The questions, oh the questions!

An example: a question on a quiz was, what is irony? The definition had been written on the board and discussed during class in the days before. A student called me over:

Student (pointing to the question and looking up at me expectantly): I don’t remember the answer.

Me: Um, ok?

Student: But what should I do?

Me:  Try to remember? The definition was on the board and I said it would be on the quiz.

Student:  But I forgot. Can you give me hint?

Me: No.

Student: But I forgot.

Another question asked students to find examples of a metaphor in a poem. During the period, several students called me over:

Student (pointing to a phrase in the poem): Would this be a metaphor?

Me: Well, that’s kind of what I’m asking you so…

Student: Come on, you really can’t tell me?

I think the only logical solution would be to just stop giving tests. I’m sure the kids wouldn’t complain.

This makes me look so…

I am chaperoning a trip to UPenn this weekend and (fingers crossed) it’s going really well! Unfortunately, I’m noticing a trend.

First, I grimaced at myself under the fluorescent lights in the bathroom. Eeek!! Pale skin, RED eyes, yuck. “This mirror makes my skin look horrible!”

Then, my colleague took a picture of me in front of the LOVE sign on campus and I said, “Whoa! This picture makes my hair look so frizzy!”

Finally, I was video chatting with Matt on iChat and I caught a glimpse of my pasty face and said, “Uck, this camera makes my skin look so washed out!”

Hmmm…maybe it’s not the lighting, picture, camera?I think I need some new makeup!

Am I awkward, or just anti-social?

Here’s something I find cringeworthy for no good reason.

You’re driving somewhere (usually to or from work) and you pull up next to someone you know. There’s the initial excited wave, “Hey!!! Oh my gosh I know you!!! Hi!!!” And then what? When you’re actually driving it’s no big deal, you wave and keep on going. But when you’re stopped at a light, or even worse – traffic, then what? Do you look straight ahead? Fumble through your bag, tappity tap on the steering wheel…eeek! I hate it!