Imaginary Friends

Most of us have favorite famous people, actors, writers, athletes, etc.,  whom we would love to meet. But are you like me? Do you have a few people who you really believe could be your friend? When you see them on television or read about them in a magazine, a little part of you thinks, “If she got to know me, I’m sure we would really hit it off!”

Here are mine:

Ina Garten – Although something tells me she might not be that  nice, I admire her so much and want her to take me under her wing and let me stay in her East Hampton home when she’s away. I would also love to double date with her and Jeffrey.

Joanna Goddard – The writer behind A Cup of Jo, Joanna and I have so much in common it scares me (and would probably scare her if I tracked her down and started frantically listing all of our common interests).

Meryl Streep – Don’t you think she would make the loveliest aunt or neighbor? I would make a blueberry crumb cake (Ina Garten’s recipe, obviously) and she would stop at Starbucks on the way over. Sigh.

I sometimes spend too much time thinking on this, planning ways we could meet. Ina often features her favorite spots in East Hampton so don’t think I haven’t kept my eyes peeled for her when I’ve visited. If I stroll down Main Street in the fall every day, I’m bound to run into her, right? Joanna Goddard lives in Manhattan and our sons are about a year apart. Maybe if I hit up the parks in her neighborhood enough times, we’ll cross paths? I have a feeling Meryl would be tougher to connect with, what with her being one of the most famous actresses in America.

Who would you love to befriend? Who are your celebrity kindred spirits?

Dom’s 30th Birthday (aka Romper Room of Massapequa Park)

Dom and Kim threw a wonderful party Saturday to celebrate Dom’s 30th birthday. It was a fun juxtaposition of “mid-life crisis beer pong” and children. Here are some of the highlights.

Look at that wrist roll. Delicious, Jules!

Reegan being shy (not for long).

I was a SERIOUS baby whore.

And I wasn’t the only one

Jules and her lovely mom, Debra

Laura with Revis, when he wasn’t being punished for eating people’s food and licking children.

Let the mid-life crisis beer pong begin!

Please note the 30-year olds playing beer pong while the college student sits back, looking bored and texting.

Aaaaand the cuteness keeps on coming.

Hello, ladies!

Jacob, the jolliest kid around

I was actually taking a picture of Reegan here but accidentally captured Shara and Amanda celebrating

Kim and Dom – don’t worry, the house isn’t on fire, that’s the smoke from his birthday candles

Laura, Kim and me

The red-eye was way beyond repair and I had to get all black and white on this one

Not sure what was going on here.

Uh oh

Really, self? Really??

The end of the night 🙂

Naming Babies in Pennsylvania

On Saturday we headed down to Pennsylvania for Steve and Sabrina’s newest addition’s naming ceremony. Who knew there were synagogues in Pennsylvania??

The ceremony was held in the rabbi’s office and was short and sweet. Reegan slept through the entire thing.

Sabrina, smiling and lovely, Reegan, confused at what I’m doing.

Sabrina and Reegan, looking smashing.

Reegan and Brett, her godfather.

I guess you can’t blame a five month old for not smiling at the camera.

Reegan was very interested in everyone’s jewelry, including Kim’s necklace.

Keith and Reegan

Keith and Reegan after he discovered how to make her laugh.

After a minute, he was a natural!

Matt looking handsome in purple. I mean lavender. I mean pale grape.

Me and Matt

And after a few short hours of smiling and being an absolute pleasure, Reegan was back to sleeping.