Happy Things

Here are some things that made me happy in the past week:

– We ate a DELICIOUS dinner at A Mano in Mattituck tonight. Wow. The butternut squash ravioli made me happy, the chocolate torte made me swoon, but the few sips of Matt’s glass of 2009 Sauvignon Blanc from Paumanok Vineyards made me nearly implode with joy. So light, fresh, cool, and lovely.

– We received our gas and electric bills yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to see this from National Grid:

They owe US money – suckers! Keeping the heat at 60 when we’re sleeping or not home has its perks! In case you’re wondering, we keep a space heater in the kitchen for Baxter. And to answer your next question, No, it did not raise our electric bill.

– The Today Show’s story about a gorilla who walks on two legs is fascinating and freaky!

– I’ve been looking around for a vintage-y looking poster to hang in the baby’s room and I think this one from Poster Corner might be the winner.

Image: postercorner.com

– Sandwich #2 from Press 195. They have locations in Park Slope, Bayside, and Rockville Centre.  I took Matt here after he shoveled for three hours on Thursday. The turkey, brie, roasted red pepper and garlic panini was definitely worth braving the snow. Worst website, best sandwiches. And beer. And sangria.

– Here are few more blogs I’ve added to my daily clicks:

A Cup of Jo – Joanna Goddard has great taste and a super cute baby.

Unruly Little Things – this one is a spinoff of Alyson Brown’s main blog, Unruly Things. She is expecting a baby boy right around the same time we are, and this site focuses on baby stuff.

Thx Thx Thx – Leah writes a thank you note a day. Some are to people, often strangers, some are to words, ideas, events, places, etc. Here is a recent one:

Image: thxthxthx.com

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Blogs I Love – Part II

In case you missed the first few, here is my post about what a blog is and a few you should check out.

On to the next:

Dooce – Heather Armstrong is probably the most popular (and most successful) blogger out there. She began several years ago writing a little blog about her job, wound up getting fired for it, and now has a booming business that all stems from her website. She is funny, honest, and a recovering Mormon.

Project Rungay – Tom and Lorenzo do hilarious write ups of most reality shows on Bravo, judge people on red carpets, love Mad Men and Lost, and are “fabulous and opinionated.”

Girl’s Gone Child – Rebecca Woolf is a hip mom in California and writes about being a mother, a woman, cooking, design, music, everything. Good stuff.

Happy reading!

My Bloves – Blogs I love

In case you were a little fuzzy, a blog is a web log, an online journal that’s open to the public. It’s what you’re reading right now. Or, if you believe the lady I sat behind in Eddie’s Pizza, ‘They have dese THINGS, theyah cawled BLAWGS, it’s wheya people tawk about theya theereez about shows afta they end, like Lawst.” In English, “They have these THINGS, they’re called BLOGS, it’s where people talk about their theories about shows after they end, like Lost.”

My winding down ritual after work involves putting on sweats (most of mine are leftovers from high school and college but these look really comfy), eating cookies and milk, snuggling with Baxter, and reading my bloves, the blogs I love. That seems like a good segue to show you some random pictures of Baxter snuggling.

Over the past few years my bookmarked folder of blogs has become unwieldy and the subjects run the gamut from cooking to gossip, design to families. Here are a few of my faves to get you started:

The Pioneer Woman: You can’t talk blogs without mentioning her. She’s a ranch wife/mom/cook/blogger and she writes about life on a cattle ranch, raising four kids, cooking, decorating, calf nuts (no joke), everything. She taught herself Photoshop and her photography is beautiful!

D-Listed: a gossip/celebrity blog with all the dirt. Sometimes crude but always funny. Half the time I just scroll through the pictures because I can’t get enough of Lindsay Lohan stumbling out of a bar or Mel Gibson looking bewildered.

Reagan’s Blob: I’ve come to this one semi-recently. The writer is a hairdresser who lives in New York and has great style and a sunny outlook. She and her husband have a three-year old with Cerebro Costo Mandibular Syndrome and it’s been really interesting/inspiring to read about their ups and downs.

So go! Read! Comment! Enjoy!