Baxter Takes a Stroll

This summer has been so steamy and stifling that we haven’t taken Nolan on nearly as many walks as I would have liked. Last night, determined to get my butt moving, I gathered up the crew and headed outside. We try to take Baxter with us as often as possible since he needs the exercise as much as I do and he’s been feeling very neglected since Nolan’s arrival. Baxter, while sweet, isn’t the brightest bulb and while walking he often makes a beeline for the moving wheels of the stroller. He also wants desperately to be  our “pack leader” and I’ve watched too much Cesar Milan to let that happen. Matt has to constantly steer Baxter away from the stroller and pull him to the back of the pack.

About halfway into our walk I hear Matt call out, “I think Baxter’s done!” I turn around to see Baxter looking weary and exhausted … and then the gagging starts. He spewed on the sidewalk. Kick-ass stroller to the rescue!


Although definitely not what the storage area is designed for, it made the perfect home for a dog about to pass out from heat stroke. Look how happy he is! The UPPAbaby is now the UPPApuppy.


A post from made me choke on my own spit from laughing so hard. Heather Armstrong, the writer, shared a story that involved diarrhea from both her toddler and her dog. It was very cringeworthy but if you can’t laugh at a good poop story, you need to relax.

Her story reminded me of Baxter’s “issues” last summer. I don’t know if it was the stress of the move, or if he ate something that ruined his precious little intestines, but it was the summer of what we called Insane Rocket Diarrhea.

A few weeks after moving in to the house, we bought a sisal rug from Pottery Barn and within TWENTY FOUR HOURS, the dog had insane rocket diarrhead on it. I called a million places only to be told by Stanley Steamer, “Sisal? No you can’t clean that. You’re not even supposed to get that wet.”

A gallon of water and a pound of oxiclean later, I have a mostly clean but seriously misshapen sisal rug.  After a few trips to the vet and a prescription or two, I wound up with an overweight, rice and chicken addicted pup, but he was fine. I still love him. Most of the time.

My Bloves – Blogs I love

In case you were a little fuzzy, a blog is a web log, an online journal that’s open to the public. It’s what you’re reading right now. Or, if you believe the lady I sat behind in Eddie’s Pizza, ‘They have dese THINGS, theyah cawled BLAWGS, it’s wheya people tawk about theya theereez about shows afta they end, like Lawst.” In English, “They have these THINGS, they’re called BLOGS, it’s where people talk about their theories about shows after they end, like Lost.”

My winding down ritual after work involves putting on sweats (most of mine are leftovers from high school and college but these look really comfy), eating cookies and milk, snuggling with Baxter, and reading my bloves, the blogs I love. That seems like a good segue to show you some random pictures of Baxter snuggling.

Over the past few years my bookmarked folder of blogs has become unwieldy and the subjects run the gamut from cooking to gossip, design to families. Here are a few of my faves to get you started:

The Pioneer Woman: You can’t talk blogs without mentioning her. She’s a ranch wife/mom/cook/blogger and she writes about life on a cattle ranch, raising four kids, cooking, decorating, calf nuts (no joke), everything. She taught herself Photoshop and her photography is beautiful!

D-Listed: a gossip/celebrity blog with all the dirt. Sometimes crude but always funny. Half the time I just scroll through the pictures because I can’t get enough of Lindsay Lohan stumbling out of a bar or Mel Gibson looking bewildered.

Reagan’s Blob: I’ve come to this one semi-recently. The writer is a hairdresser who lives in New York and has great style and a sunny outlook. She and her husband have a three-year old with Cerebro Costo Mandibular Syndrome and it’s been really interesting/inspiring to read about their ups and downs.

So go! Read! Comment! Enjoy!

Instant diet

I think Baxter has discovered the secret to the fastest diet ever. In just a few hours you can look half your size. It’s called…the haircut diet.



This haircut really isn’t that drastic if you consider what he looked like when we first got him in December of 2007.

Crazy, right? Believe it or not he was only seven pounds here. Now he’s about eighteen. And that dark hair?? If I didn’t know any better I’d swear the groomer swapped dogs after that first haircut. But she didn’t. I’m about 80% sure of it.