With all the civilized discussion (shit show) that occurred over the Time Magazine cover recently, I wonder if we’ve now gone to the other extreme of being overly modest about breatfeeding. I popped onto Buy Buy Baby’s website yesterday to look into booster seats and saw this on the homepage:

So that’s cool, they’re using Breastfeeding Awareness Month to sell stuff, I get that. Contrary to what some people say, breastfeeding does cost money. You need a pump; a pillow helps; a blanket or nursing cover is handy, etc. The thing is, though, that lady isn’t breastfeeding. I’m all for modesty and consider myself a master of the public breastfeed while offending as few people as possible, but that’s not what’s happening there. It’s just a lame picture of a woman, fully clothed, holding a baby on a pillow.

Considering the amount of cleavage that’s EVERYWHERE, would it really have been so offensive to show actual breastfeeding while promoting Breastfeeding Awareness Month? Especially considering that it’s a website most often frequented by mothers.  I don’t know what it is about that picture that bothers me so much, but I would have much rather had no mother/baby image at all than the pseudo-breastfeeding that’s going on.

One thought on “Over-Modesty?

  1. I concurr! Somehow we’ve reached a point where our society is very comfortable with breasts as sex objects but are offended by their being a source of food. I nurse wherever I need to and have the audacity to not use a hooter hider or similar thing. I see people offending me all day (fat person in spandex, Romney/Ryan bumper sticker). but that’s life. If seeing the back of my baby’s head and the top of my boob is so offensive, look away (just like i do when I see a 10 year old wearing sweatpants with the word ‘juicy’ on the butt).

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