Ghetto Mama

Last week my friend June and I took our babies for a nice, long walk around Cantiague Park. June had her daughter a week before I had Nolan and it has been great having a friend in the exact same place I am. Nolan was looking pretty ghetto that day and June suggested I snap a picture as evidence. So I did.

Exhibit A of Ghetto Mama: Yes, those are band-aids on his fingers because I am incapable of cutting his nails. Everyone says, “Cut them when he’s sleeping!” That’s a great idea except that we swaddle him so his hands are totally unavailable. I am now banned from using the nail clippers and can only use the file, which takes forever.

Exhibit B: I prop his head up with a diaper so he won’t break his neck.

3 thoughts on “Ghetto Mama

  1. This made me smile šŸ™‚ My son was the same age last year at this time (he was born April 25th), and I can clearly remember how I was terrible with the nail clippers too! I’m now a pro šŸ™‚

    He’s adorable…enjoy every second of him!

  2. I don’t think I cut either of my kids fingernails during their first year. It was more of a peel them when you have the opportunity kind of thing.

  3. This is awesome on so many levels. 1. I don’t know a mom who didn’t cause a bloodbath the first time cutting her kid’s nails (and subsequently cried like a crazy person, thinking she’d damaged kid for life). 2. The infant head positioner never worked for my kids either! There was always droopage of some variation, poor things. Wish I had tried the diaper trick! šŸ™‚ 3. Delicious pic! Can’t wait to get my hands on that boy on Friday. xoxo

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