New Restaurants!

Matt and I recently tried two new restaurants and loved both of them. I could make a career out of going out to eat. I love food so much it might be the father of my baby.

First, the unfortunately named Swallow in Huntington. It’s a tiny space (holds about 20 or 25 people) and it serves a varied and creative menu of small plates. The waiter recommended ordering two plates per person and it was perfect for the two of us. Don’t neglect to order dessert. We got some sort of chocolate peanut butter thing that was kick ass. As of now, the restaurant is BYOB (no corking fee) and they will gladly re-cork the wine you don’t finish. You DEFINITELY need a reservation.


Next up is a little off the beaten path in Sea Cliff, but it is well worth the trip. Metropolitan Bistro occupies the beautiful space that Tupelo Honey used to. Although the menu is on the small side, everything looks (and from what we experienced, tastes) delicious so there is plenty to choose from. As per my religious beliefs, I had to order dessert and was very impressed by the apple cobbler. No matter what entree you order, you MUST get a side of fries. They are these unbelievable potato wedges with this fresh mayonnaise-y dipping sauce. I have to stop thinking about them or I’m going to start making a daily trip up there. I love you, fries! I’ll be back soon! You should call for reservations there also.

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2 thoughts on “New Restaurants!

  1. Now I really want to try these places, you find the greatest spots. Maybe I’ll move there and I’ll be cheffy at one of them? 🙂

  2. LOL We apparently have the same “religious beliefs” –as does my whole family. I’ll have to share that one with my sisters and mom! 🙂
    I just found you via SheWrites!
    Hope to see you around! 🙂

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