Recommendation Time

Ok moms, dads, aunts, uncles, etc … I need recommendations! In the next month or so Matt and I will start registering for the overwhelming amount of stuff for Baby G. What’s amazing? What was a complete waste of money? What can’t you live without? What never even got opened?

Some info before you start recommending/warning: we already ordered our crib, changing table, stroller system, and car seat. I plan on breast feeding (TMI?), using cloth diapers at home has crossed my mind (am I crazy?), and we want as little crap as possible (doesn’t everyone say that?). Other than that, recommend away!

PS Please leave comments below and not on Facebook. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Recommendation Time

  1. Must haves:
    video monitor- Alexis slept in our bed for the first 6 months but since she has been in her own bed, this thing is my best friend. I never wanted to be that mom, but I guess i am she. My video monitor keeps me sane.

    a baby carrier- I don’t want to sound like a self-righteous baby-wearer (I never knew there was a even a word for “baby-wearing” until i had a kid), but get yourself baby carrier. We have an Ergo and a Bjorn and swear by them. It will save your arms and your sanity. Get Matt on board with it too. Doug can wear Alexis and watch sports. It’s a win-win. Good ones can easily be $100 bucks but they are worth every dollar.

    baby bath tub- ours is called the turtle time i think. It is a plastic tub that fits over your kitchen sink. There is a little hammock type thing for a tiny baby and you take it out when they get bigger and just use the tub. It is a total back saver. We still use it with A.

    mirror for your car- it straps on to the headrest behind the baby and you use it to see the baby in his/her car seat. I didn’t want to be that mom but see the first item.

    a minivan- watch that happy family in the Sienna ad. That could be you.

    a white noise machine, a Costco or BJ’s membership, a library card so you can look at books about pregnancy/baby stuff at home before you decide to buy them.

    waste of money:
    clothes- Everyone is going to give you clothes, new clothes, hand me downs, ridiculous clothes, seasonally in appropriate clothes, expensive clothes…So let them spend their money and give you stuff (unless of course you really need it).

    mosquito netting for the stroller (unless you are moving to Africa)

    toys for a baby under 4 or 5 months- they have no interest in them. babies younger that that are happy to watch a ceiling fan and call it a day

    shoes for a baby who can’t walk yet (unless you just need to keep their feet warm)- i know they are cute but they are pointless

  2. I’ll second Courtney on the baby carrier, a good baby store should let you rent/borrow one (come visit and go to Jillian’s Drawers! Also a mecca for cloth diapering) It’s hard to say what will be comfortable for you and what will be comfortable for Matt, you might even want two.

    I love that you’re breastfeeding and cloth diapering ❤

    Cloth diaper stuff can be gross, don't read if you're feeling queasy.
    You probably already know most everything, including I hope that when Baby G is on breast milk only, poop and all can go right into the washing machine (as I was first told, "it washes out like yogurt!") and Imse Vimse makes really nice washable and (supposedly) flushable diaper liners, so when you get to the point of not washing poop (or you just don't want to) you can get the nastiest bit out of the diaper right away.

    I really liked having a Bobby or a my Breast Friend pillow around when my girls were teeny tiny. It's just easier on your back, and the MBF pillow velcros around your back, and can make it easier to keep everything in the right place so you're not hunched over and hurting yourself or anything like that. You probably won't always need it, but it's nice to have.

    I'm so excited for you 🙂 ❤

  3. If you are using cloth diapers to help out the environment then you should check out G diapers (babies r us) the liners are flushable but the outside will help more w/ leaks esp. if you are breastfeeding. For both our kids a swing, bouncy chair and floor playmats were very helpful. I also agree w the baby carrier….we have one that Reegan is now too heavy for if you want to give it a try (steven loved it too and it made housework much easier…also will help out tremendously when #2 arrives!) As for toys I found traveling either in the car seat or stroller easier when they had something to stare at or grab and in Reegans case chew. Check out the toys that clip on (lamaze or infantino). Breastfeeding is great but after the first 8 weeks I would introduce bottles so that Matt can also feed baby G…it is a great bonding experience btwn daddy and baby and gives you a little break…if you do that medela is the best breast pump. Very excited for you and Matt! Can’t wait to find out if baby G is a boy or girl! 🙂

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