Rich People Are Crazy

I ran out to Sephora this morning and parked in the Nordstrom parking lot (FYI: Sephora in Roosevelt Field moved over by Nordstrom). I rarely go in Nordstrom because, although they have lovely items, I’m just not wealthy (or Botoxed) enough to shop there. Every now and then I’ll grab some shoes or makeup, but I don’t even go near the clothing. Spending too much time in there makes me feel inadequate and curiously pale.

On my way back through the store I saw an upper middle-aged couple talking to friends and gently pushing a stroller back and forth. It looked like an expensive stroller, maybe a Maclaren, and I was curious to see the baby inside. As I walked by and stole a peak, I was taken aback to see two Yorkshire Terriers snuggled inside.  I came to the logical conclusion, rich people are crazy.

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