Ladies Who Lunch

Being off for the summer has its obvious perks. One that often goes unnoticed is that you’re given this insider glimpse at what life is like for “ladies who lunch.” Most ladies who lunch don’t drive Hyundais, but still, I’m driving that baby to lunch on a weekday!

I met my friend Katrina for lunch at Graffiti in Woodbury. Delicious!  Don’t be put off by the website; it’s a little ghetto but you should absolutely check head to the restaurant for lunch. It’s slightly hidden in Woodbury Commons and they have outdoor seating in nice weather.

We had lunch on Monday and I expected the restaurant to be a ghost town. Who’s going to lunch on a Monday afternoon? Apparently, lots of people – it was packed! My initial reaction was, Don’t you people work?? But I guess people could be saying that to me as well.

I was a few minutes early and waited outside for my friend. Two women, about my age, were finishing their conversation and getting ready to say their goodbyes. Of course I wound up eavesdropping, or as I like to call it, people listening.

One woman was balancing a one-year old on her hip and complaining, “He says he wants me to gain five pounds, but I mean, he married me! He knew this is what I looked like! I’m sorry I can’t gain more weight!”

Her friend put on a concerned face and said, “I know, honey! You eat! I see you eat!” Mrs. Skinny finally added, “I know! I’ve been eating ice cream with him every night!”

You can imagine my reaction to this conversation. My mom says I’m terrible at hiding my emotions so I’m grateful I was wearing sunglasses. I understand that for some people, gaining weight can be problematic. I don’t have that problem, but I understand that it exists.  Still, I have trouble sympathizing for a rich modelesque woman who can’t get fat.

Who’s up for lunch next week?

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