I cannot believe that in just three short weeks, Matt and I will have been married for THREE years. Because we’ve been together for nearly ten years, in many ways it feels like, just three? But it mostly feels like, WTF?? Our wedding was three years ago? It feels like last summer!

For our first anniversary, we had dinner at Daniel on East 65th Street in Manhattan. It was beyond special, but not somewhere I feel the need to go back to any time soon. I love to splurge on a meal from time to time but eating at Daniel is beyond a splurge, it’s an investment.


I read an article in the Times last year that some very posh restaurants, including Daniel, had lowered their prices to accommodate the economy and stimulate some business. Currently, a three-course prix fixe dinner is $105 a person. I think that might even be a tad lower than when we were there two years ago.

The meal was sublime, the service was insane (French style) and I’m still salivating over the lychee champagne I had , but upon leaving I felt disgusting about how much the meal cost. For my taste, I’d rather do a special occasion at our true favorite, The River Cafe.


It’s still very pricey and men need a jacket for dinner, but even with that it’s more laid back than Daniel and you can’t beat the view. The restaurant is perched under the Brooklyn Bridge and looks across the East River at the skyline and South Street Seaport.

I have absolutely ZERO recollection of what we did for our 2nd anniversary. We had moved into our house just two weeks before and I think my brain is fried. Scratch that!! I just remembered, we went to Atlantic City and spent a night at the Borgata. Eh. The cigarette smoke is disgusting and our dinner at Bobby Flay was so-so.

For this year’s anniversary, we’ve agreed not to do gifts because we’re spending two nights out in Greenport at the Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast. It looks so peaceful and relaxing and it has great reviews on Trip Advisor. I can’t wait to drink wine, eat, go to the beach, eat, walk through Greenport, eat, and if there’s time, maybe grab a snack!


So… who’s watching Baxter?

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