One foot in the asylum

Yesterday my mom and I went to our second golf class and I had a blast! It started raining about 45 minutes in so we kind of got cheated out of 15 minutes but my hands were starting to hurt anyway. I’m proud of my progress so far and excited to go to the driving range with Matt where I will probably get nervous and throw my club at someone.

I wore my new shoes from Tom’s because they’re slip on and comfy, but I knew my mom’s reaction would be something along the lines of “WTF??”


As we walked from the parking lot, I got it over with and said, “Ok Mom, these are my new shoes, go ahead.” And she did.

“Oh my god. They look like hospital shoes! From a mental hospital! For the patients!”

I explained to her that for every pair Tom’s sells, they donate  a pair to an impoverished child who would otherwise be barefoot. So then she said, “Well I mean look at them. They really expect that you’re going to donate this pair too so really the barefoot kids get two pairs of shoes.”

I know they’re kind of funny looking but at least the class instructor complimented them! Or maybe he just commented on them. Hmm…

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