What I’m Reading (and something I just read)

I am proud to announce that I finished my book club’s book in time for this month’s meeting! Ok, so it was only 120 pages…

Michael Chabon’s The Final Solution was entertaining. It’s chock full of SAT words and some vintage language (that’s not really something; I just made it up). Although it’s short, it takes a bit to get through because of the density and all the characters, but it was unique and I was definitely curious to see how (and if) the mystery unfolded in the end. Another of Chabon’s books, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, is supposed to be … amazing, so perhaps I’ll give that a try over the summer.

For now, I’m joining the party rather late by starting Eat, Pray, Love. Yeah I know everyone was reading it four years ago when it came out, but I procrastinate¬†so here I am. Have you read it? Thoughts?

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