Naming Babies in Pennsylvania

On Saturday we headed down to Pennsylvania for Steve and Sabrina’s newest addition’s naming ceremony. Who knew there were synagogues in Pennsylvania??

The ceremony was held in the rabbi’s office and was short and sweet. Reegan slept through the entire thing.

Sabrina, smiling and lovely, Reegan, confused at what I’m doing.

Sabrina and Reegan, looking smashing.

Reegan and Brett, her godfather.

I guess you can’t blame a five month old for not smiling at the camera.

Reegan was very interested in everyone’s jewelry, including Kim’s necklace.

Keith and Reegan

Keith and Reegan after he discovered how to make her laugh.

After a minute, he was a natural!

Matt looking handsome in purple. I mean lavender. I mean pale grape.

Me and Matt

And after a few short hours of smiling and being an absolute pleasure, Reegan was back to sleeping.

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