2012 UPDATE: After four, yes four, machines, I have given up on my Keurig. Although the latest one worked for a few months, it also started short-cupping intermittently. In the latest machine, the “fix” for automatically shutting off is that rather than turn off, it says PRIME on the screen and that means you have to pick up and press down on the water reservoir. No thanks. I also found that the coffee was watery when I wanted a large cup.  I spent $25 on a French Press and haven’t looked back!

Remember that Keurig Santa Clauslieb gave me for Christmas? Well it’s been very bittersweet. Pros: I don’t have to clean up coffee grinds and wash five hundred moving parts of a coffee maker anymore. Cons: I’m on my second machine and it doesn’t work.

It all started when the machine started brewing teeny tiny teacup portions for my I’m-not-a-coffee-addict-because-I-only-drink-one-mug’s-worth 14 ounce mug. Then it started shutting off immediately after brewing a cup. Grrrrr! I called Keurig and they pretended they had never heard of a such a problem. Too bad when I Googled “My Keurig keeps shutting off,” I got about a thousand results of people with the same complaints.

Fast forward a week and I have a brand new machine Keurig sent me with instructions to send back the old one (at their expense). Three days later the machine doesn’t shut off after brewing a cup, it shuts off about twenty seconds after being turned on. In other words, it is completely useless and will not stay powered on.

As soon as you call the Keurig customer service number you’re greeted with, “We’re experiencing unusually high call volume and wait times. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Not to be a stickler about word choice, but if every time I call they’re “experiencing unusually high call volume” then it’s not really unusual, is it? Perhaps they should consider saying, “We’re experiencing a huge backlash for making faulty machines. We apologize for our incompetence.”

Image: Icanhascheezburger.com

After speaking to a customer service rep who tried to put me through to Technical Support three times, it was determined that someone will call me back within 72 hours. Is this happening to anyone else??

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